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What I do during my summer “vacation”

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Many of my family and friends become envious when the end of the spring semester is near and graduation is on the horizon. They imagine that I am about to embark on three magical months of fun in the sun and are shocked to learn that is not necessarily the case. “What? You work during the summer?” is a question I frequently encounter this time of year and thought this would be a great opportunity to explain what I do during my summer “vacation.”

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Running for her Life

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Seventeen years ago, Diane Van Deren underwent brain surgery at University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) to stop epileptic seizures racking her body. A golf-ball sized part of her brain was removed and the seizures stopped. Though the surgery was a success, Van Deren experienced an acute reaction to the medications she was given. She became combative, tried to escape from the hospital and had to be physically restrained. Her reaction caught her physicians off guard. Read More