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Driven to Succeed

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Take one look at Suhair Shawar and you know she’s not average. From her Middle Eastern looks to her age to her accent, she’s unusual.

Maybe it’s growing up the middle child of seven. Maybe it’s being born a girl in a culture that cherishes boys. Maybe it’s living in war-torn Jerusalem and immigrating to California as a child that has molded her. “I’ve always had to fight. Fight to be heard. Fight to be noticed. Fight for my place,” says Palestinian American Suhair.

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Is there a natural cure for cancer?

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If there is a natural cure for cancer, it may come from the laboratory of Rajesh Agarwal, PhD, professor at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and co-leader Cancer Prevention & Control Program at the CU Cancer Center. Agarwal has built a career dissecting the molecules inside natural products such as milk thistle, grape seed extract and bitter melon.

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2015 Scholarships and Awards Convocation

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$500,000 was awarded in scholarships during the May 1st Awards Convocation. Highlights included Gene McMahan awarding the Teresa McMahan-Shulkin Memorial Scholarship in memory of his daughter to P-4 Sierra Hill and class presidents recognizing faculty for excellence in teaching. Check out video of the awards ceremony.

Matches Made in Heaven

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Congratulations to our fourth-year students who recently matched into PGY-1 residency programs.  To date, 39 students have matched into ASHP’s Residency Match Program including Joselyn Benabe, Andrea Boyce, Caitlin Butler, Sara Byrnes, Michael Casias, Frank Colletti. Carolyn Dahlman, Christina Davis, Nicole Dimaano, Emily Elwell, Brian Fox, Jenna Gorrell, Liane Horiuchi, Ashley Huntsberry, Natalie Kallhoff, Robbie Kattappuram, Monika Lach, Philip Leong, Mengyan Li, Kelsey Melander, Arya Mishra, Kaitlyn Moorehead, Sarah Newman, Atit Patel, Kathleen Paulson, Trang Phan, Azhin Qadir, Lindsay Rumold, Stephen Shaw, Suhair Shawar, Ankit Shukla, Hai Tran, Kellie Vanderburg, Laura Vriesman, Jarod Weidner, Kirby Welston, Cecilia Wong, Regina Yun, Renjbar Zebari.  In addition, Cameron LaChappelle and Deidra Newbrough were selected for Indian Health Services (IHS) PGY-1 residencies. Also, 12 graduates from our 2014 class matched to PGY-2 residencies. We are so proud of you.

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A Student’s Perspective of CU Advocacy Day

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When I decided to pursue a career in pharmacy, I didn’t anticipate that policy would be a significant part of this path. However, nearly every national pharmacy society has an operation focusing on policy, and we are often reminded how important it is for pharmacists to advocate for their profession and their patients. That is why I signed up for a day at the Denver capitol building with fellow pharmacy, nursing, physician assistant, physical therapy, public health, and other healthcare professional students for CU AMC Advocacy Day.

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Pharmacy Students Spearhead Student-Run Clinic

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CU Pharmacy students, together with students from other disciplines on the Anschutz Medical Campus, have helped launch a student-staffed free clinic serving uninsured adults from the Aurora community. At the DAWN Clinic, student volunteers provide free health services to underserved individuals living in the area. Two pharmacy students involved in the clinic answer some common questions about it in this video.

Dangers of Medicine that Look Like Candy

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This video shows us the dangers of medicine that looks like candy. The University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy shows us the dangers and how they are working in the community to teach children how to prevent accidental overdoses. They offer a Pharmacist for a Day teaches students how to medications work.

Running for her Life

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Seventeen years ago, Diane Van Deren underwent brain surgery at University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) to stop epileptic seizures racking her body. A golf-ball sized part of her brain was removed and the seizures stopped. Though the surgery was a success, Van Deren experienced an acute reaction to the medications she was given. She became combative, tried to escape from the hospital and had to be physically restrained. Her reaction caught her physicians off guard. Read More